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At Baseline Capital Solutions Inc., our Vendor Leasing Partnership Program is designed to develop a successful long-term partnership between equipment vendors and a source of leasing funds. Our Vendor Leasing Partnership Program is designed to achieve two important goals: 1. To help our vendors to increase sales 2. Provide leasing solutions for your clients – strong & weak credits At Baseline Capital Solutions Inc. we're here to work with management and the sales force to tackle the marketing challenges, develop leasing solutions, and increase your sales. Vendor Leasing Partnership Program Advantages: Increased sales and increased market penetration by providing your customers with leasing options, which will be affordable and structured to fit the customer's needs. Shorten the sales cycle and overcome price objections by utilizing monthly payments to match your client’s revenue or cost savings derived from the asset. Avoid discounting and upgrade the sale to the next higher model Educate your sales team to use leasing more effectively to close sales Assistance, in real-time if your customer needs to speak to a financing professional Quick credit approvals on transactions, usually within 24-48 hours Prompt payment upon equipment delivery and approval. Improve cash-flow for you and your customer Lease Expiry Reports advanced notification 6 months prior to lease expiry. Upgrade your customer to latest models. Branded documents and joint ventures available
Vendor Financing Services